JUSTIN REDDIG is more than just a label: It is the reflection of our devotion to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Through the creation of our products, we believe to bring in a level of sophistication that our customers seek and value. 


Manufactured by highly skilled artisans in Germany, Italy, and France, everybody involved in the creative process shares the same love for beauty, precision, and devotion to excellence. In order to meet the high demands of our most discerning customers, every product is designed with utmost attention to detail. One thing we try to achieve with our products is a sense of infinite value by infusing each piece with love, passion, and an individual soul.


Since our company's launch in 2012, our product portfolio has expanded to a range of daywear, luxurious cashmere knitwear, evening gowns, and one-of-a-kind atelier creations. 


On our quest for inspiration, we are driven and inspired to create timeless, high quality garments for our international clientele, forever ensuring that luxury is never left behind.