As an admirer of the fine arts, JUSTIN REDDIG believes in creating synergies between the creative sectors. One of the designer's favorite artists is the famed Giovanni Maranghi, who has created a mesmerizing world or exceptional artworks, combining traditional techniques with avant-garde methods.


Born in Lastra a Signa, Italy, in 1955 as the son of an art dealer and the grandson of an artist, Giovanni Maranghi studied at the Academia delle Belle Arti in Florenz, as well as architecture at the Ateneo Fiorentino. His understanding of textures, his use of bold colors, and his unique compositions have gained critical acclaim at some of the most prominent expositions around the world. 


Together with the German art dealer, Ms. Anja Bech, JUSTIN REDDIG was able to bring Giovanni Maranghi to Berlin, offering a carefully curated range of his most recent masterpieces. We invite you to experience Giovanni Maranghi in Berlin, exclusively at the JUSTIN REDDIG Salon on Fasanenstraße 74. 

Kunstgalerie Bech

Paul-Strähle-Strasse 26

73614 Schorndorf